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Call 01384 238 282       Email: info@point8.co.uk



For thirty years 0 Point 8 has been at the forefront of product design and manufacture; delivering truly innovative acrylic solutions.

We design and manufacture both a comprehensive range of "standard" display merchandise as well as fully bespoke display solutions in a range of styles and formats including:

  • Acrylic displays and accessories
  • Rotating display units (spinners)
  • Graphics and signage


For flexibility, durability and value for money - 0 Point Eight acrylic systems offer the perfect display solution.

Whether you need counter top book stands, leaflet dispensers, freestanding lecterns or clever shelf converters, we have a comprehensive range of solutions.

If, however, you require a bespoke solution - etched logos, company name or coloured acrylic in your corporate colours, then 0 Point 8 offer a full design and manufacturing consultancy service. Please contact us for more details.

Displays - Designed for Life Brochure Take a look at this full colour 8 page brochure to find out more about our fantastic range of acrylic display products - from counter top and window display solutions to a full range of Displaywall and shelving accessories to maximise your shelving furniture.
Acrylic Promotional Displays Brochure This 2 page brochure features the most popular of our promotional counter top and wall acrylic display products.

Acrylic Displays Guide This flyer details our range of counter top, window, shelving and displaywall acrylic products, showing line drawings and dimensions.



Graphics and signage are an essential part of any design and can significantly enhance the customer's experience.

Whether it's for your library and you want to help users navigate the stock, or you want to increase footfall in your store, the right graphics and signage make it easy for customers to navigate your area, which results in increased sales or issues.

We can produce category signs, general information signs or graphics in a range of materials and styles to fix to units, walls or hang from the ceiling!


Are you struggling to find a display option to suit your merchandise? Perhaps you want high-impact without high-cost, or maybe something that’s personally branded and unique to you?

If so then rest assured that at 0 Point 8 we offer a full bespoke design and manufacturing service. With us you’re assured of getting exactly what you want for less than you might think.

Contact us to disucss your requirements.

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