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Counters & Pods 0 Point 8 

We understand that there are many tasks that a counter has to fulfil. In addition to being the prime greeting point, it is often the service point, and work area. At 0 Point 8 we are experts in combining necessary durability and practicality, with a stylish look to create the right impression and welcome.

Whether you want a bespoke counter or choose to create your own from our modular units, we can create a counter or pod which exactly meets your needs. The end result is an attractive, easy to use counter, which is D.D.A. compliant and able to adapt to changing demands.



In addition to our configurable modular reception units, at 0 Point 8, we can create a totally bespoke counter to meet your own specific workspace and requirements.

If you truly want to make a statement, then 0 Point 8 can create a stunning counter using the finest materials and latest technology; incorporating specialised materials and finishes, and making use of clever lighting, we can build you a reception that will make a lasting impression.

Call us and talk to one of our designers to discuss your ideas.



Our designers have over thirty years of designing, building and installing reception counters so we know a thing or two about what you need them to offer in terms of function, durability and flexibility.

Choose from a range of wood finishes as well as range of options for the counter top, to create a solution that becomes your own.

Please contact us for full details about our Modular Counters.



Pods are simply compact counters - but are they? They are often required to serve a number of needs, with a limited footprint and yet offer all the impact of a larger counter.

At 0 Point 8, we create pods that pack a punch. Whether your pod is an OPAC, or simply a touchdown point for your clients and staff, we can ensure that they offer the functionality and impact that you require, taking wiring, access, space and seating requirements into consideration.

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